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Daniel Behan McQuaid - Helpful Teaching Tips


As a professional and experienced educator, Daniel Behan McQuaid is more than happy to provide help to colleagues, whether that includes better ways to teach a particular subject or text to maintaining better order and civility within the classroom. A 25-year veteran of the education field, McQuaid has come across nearly everything a middle school environment can offer, acquiring a certain level of insight and wisdom that can only come decades of teaching experience.


Below, Daniel Behan McQuaid seeks to provide several helpful teaching tips; simple yet often effective ways to better reach and engage students in the material being presented.


Start Off Smart

At the beginning of any academic term or semester, says McQuaid, it’s vital to not only capture the student’s interest right off the bat, but to show your students how organized and worthwhile both your class and the subject matter actually are. There are numerous ways to do this, though it often helps to begin by asking your students to complete an engaging group exercise, or to engage them in a discussion on a core idea.


Session Review

It often helps, says Daniel Behan McQuaid, to conduct a review at the end of class, an exercise that can not only help the students better understand and recite the material that was presented, but that can also help you determine what it is you got through or didn’t get through during the time period.


Positive Criticism

Positive criticism, more often than negative criticism, can be an effective way to boost a student’s self-confidence, as well as to give recognition for effort and accomplishment where it’s due.


2 years ago

Daniel Behan McQuaid - A Love of Sailing


There is no question as to Daniel Behan McQuaid’s love of teaching, a responsibility he has taken on with passion and enthusiasm for more than 25 years, and something that continues to drive and inspire McQuaid to perform at his best on a daily basis. Colleagues, students and even his family admire McQuaid’s commitment to the profession, something that seems to have no end in sight, at least not anytime soon.



His love of education, however, is perhaps only equaled by his passion for sailing, an activity he became enchanted with at a very early age, and which continues to beckon Daniel Behan McQuaid whenever spare time seems to bump its way into his ever-busy schedule. His father, a veteran of the sport and a dedicated merchant marine his entire career, instilled a love of the water, and of watercraft, into Daniel from the time he first learned to walk. This appreciation and enthusiasm for sailing the seas is something that Daniel now has the opportunity to share with his young children, who have become quite skilled sailors in their own right.



Daniel Behan McQuaid, the owner of a modest 40-foot sailing vessel, is continually drawn to the water, as well as to the opportunity to navigate and conquer yet another journey as captain of the family sailboat. Though he himself has never competed in any amateur or professional sailing races, he is understood to have the ability to hold his own amongst any member of the competition, even the most veteran of sailors who have raced professionally their entire careers.